2012/2013 Awards & Recognition


Ardrey Kell High School - 2012 4A State Champions

Charlotte Latin School - State Champions (9th In A Row)


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Caylee Antilley (CJV 18 Blaze) - Columbia College

Shelby Nassar (CJV 18 Blaze) - Wingate University

Maureen (Mo) Wilkinson (CJV 18 Blaze) - The Citadel

Eve Davis (CJV 18 Blaze) - NC State University

Rachel Eppley (CJV 18 Blaze) - NC State University

Emma Price (CJV 18 Blaze) - Belmont University

Mattie Newson (CJV 18 Blaze) - Samford University


Rachel Eppley (CJV 17 Blaze) - State Championship MVP for Ardrey Kell

CISAA All Conference:

Mattie Newson (CJV 18s)
Taylor Portland (CJV Infinity)
Katharine Franz (CJV Infinity)
Megan Lewis (Non-Traveling)
Eve Davis (CJV Blaze)
Emma Price (CJV Blaze)
Kellie Williams (CJV Ice)
Brooke Brown (Non-Traveling)

MAC All Conference:

Shelby Nassar (CJV Blaze)
Megan Embry (CJV Infinity)
Christina Goforth (CJV 16s)
Hannah Griffin (Non-Traveling)
Chezney Templeton (Non-Traveling)

NCISAA All State:

Mattie Newson (CJV 18s)
Eve Davis (CJV Blaze)
Emma Price (CJV Blaze)
Kellie Williams (CJV Ice)
Shelby Nassar (CJV Blaze)

Mega 7 All-Conference:

Cara Toebbe (Non-Traveling)
Kaitlyn Massey (CJV Ice)
Molly Lindway (CJV Ice)
Emma Mitchell (CJV Killers)
Conference Player of the Year
Kaitlyn Massey (CJV Ice)
Jamyah Fuller (Non-Traveling)
Lauren Abernathy (Non-Traveling)
Grace Beatty (Non-Traveling)
Tori Cordova (Non-Traveling)

S.C. 4A-3 All-Region:

Christen Bragg (CJV 17s) - Player of the Year
Amy Snyder (Non-Traveling)
Gaby Lacorata (Non-Traveling) - Senior All-Star Team
Gabby Seymore (CJV 17s)

SC 4A All-State:

Christen Bragg (CJV 17s)
Gabby Seymore (CJV 17s)

Southwestern 4A All-Conference:

Rachel Eppley (CJV Blaze) - Co-Player of the Year
Casey Rieger (CJV 18s) - Co-Player of the Year
Caitlin Watkins (CJV Blaze)
Annaka Beatty (CJV Ice)
Katie Tylman (CJV Infinity)
Michal Ann Williams (Non-Traveling)
Coach of the Year: Zoe Bell

Southern Carolina Conference (3A):

Elisabeth Stedman (CJV Blaze) - Player of the Year
Olivia Smiarowski (Non-Traveling)
Anna Reichenbach (Non-Traveling)
Amanda Wagoner (CJV 15 Heat)

I-Meck 4A All-Conference:

Madeline Lippy (CJV 16 Ice)
Keimaya Hunter (CJV 17s)
Haley Schmidt (Non-Traveling)
Hannah Scheffer (Non-Traveling)
Coach of the Year: Sandi Skidmore (CJV 15 Infinity)
Player of the Year: Julia Brown (CJV 16 Ice)

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