Amanda Adams

13 National Assistant Coach

Amanda Adams

My personal coaching philosophy is built around developing the competitive dive in each athlete and building their individual self confidence, both on and off the court. I strive to have an environment that encourages athletes to learn, make mistakes, and develop in their mental knowledge and physical skills of the game.

Core Values
- Integrity - We do the right thing, even when no one is watching. Leading with integrity in everything we do; on and off the court
- One Team - We think and act as one team.
- Accountable - We hold ourselves and teammates accountable for our commitments made. We foster an environment where we are able to have healthy feedback and conflict to ensure we are holding up to set expectations.
- Respect - We always treat each other, and ourselves with respect and dignity.
- Trust - By setting clear expectations and understanding our role within the team, we are able to build trust with each other. Trust is gained in drops and lost in buckets; be mindful of your actions to ensure you are gaining trust.

Non Negotiables:

- Show Up. Be on time (10 minutes early, ready to go), leave any drama or worries outside the gym, and be prepared to work.
- Growth Mindset. Players should consistently establish and re-evaluate their short and long term goals. By setting personal goals, we are able to review performance and analyze how we can improve.
- Communication. Through our training, games, and off the court; I expect players & myself to proactively communicate to ensure players personal goals and development are supported as the season evolves.
- Commitment. Make the most of our short time together and fully commit, both mentally and physically to improve your individual volleyball knowledge and skills.

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