Duane Linnens

14 National South Head Coach

Duane Linnens

Duane began coaching club volleyball in the Charlotte area in 2011 with his friend and mentor Sherry Connor at her club NCVB (North Carolina Volleyball). When NCVB merged with Carolina Storm Duane had the privilege of coaching with Cap – 1 Certified coach Ralph Viegelmann, who is now our Director of College Recruitment. Duane was also the Junior Varsity coach at Spartanburg Day School from 2016 -2019. Over the years he has coached ages from 10 - 17 at the Regional, Semi-National, and National levels.
In 2015 Duane took the opportunity to transition to CJV and coach a "Spring AAU" team. The past two seasons Duane has coached our 12 National, then 13 National teams. This season he and his assistant Darrell Frame will again be leading our 13 National team against the top 13s teams in the nation!
Duane is trained in Gold Medal Squared fundamentals and in the teachings of John Kessel (USAV) and Trevor Reagan (Learner Lab/Train Ugly). He is a student of the game who is always pushing himself outside of his comfort zone and learning more each year. He believes the game teaches the game and we must embrace our mistakes as opportunities to learn.
"I enjoy the sport of volleyball, and I am passionate about helping players have fun playing this great sport, compete with right here, right now focus, all while becoming better. Better players, better teammates, better learners, and better people." - Duane

Coach Philosophy:

  • First and foremost I believe that being part of our team should be a positive experience.
  • I want the players to grow not only as volleyball players, but as people.
  • I believe as coaches we should exemplify the attitudes, and behavior that we expect from our players.
  • I believe the game teaches the game, and that practices and learning should take place in a game-like environment.
  • I believe that learning is ugly and when trying new things we will make mistakes. We should encourage our players to make mistakes and learn from them. Not be afraid of messing up.
  • I believe as coaches we should continue to learn and improve. Embracing new techniques and systems.

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