Maura Yarbrough

14 Semi-National North Head Coach

This will be Maura's 2nd year coaching with CJV
As a Charlotte native, Maura grew up playing volleyball throughout high school and some years in college. Where she was a Libero/DS and setter. Maura started coaching volleyball when she was a sophomore in college, graduating from UNCC with a B.A in Elementary Education.

Coach Philosophy:
1) I prioritize...
•my family and my son
•being a good person

2) I most value taking care of my family!!
I don't care about things out of my control

4) When playing for me, you need good effort and attitude ALWAYS. Tough mentality, don't always take everything I say so seriously. Use good technique.

5) If you have a bad ball, bad game, let it go!
Speak to your teammates in a way that will help them while being encouraging!
Have a tough mentality always!!!! Don't take it personal.

Mother, supporter, friend

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