Rose Richardson

16 Regional South Head Coach

Rose Richardson

Rose Richardson - A former CJV athlete, Rose is coming back as a coach. Rose is currently the head 7th grade coach at her alma mater, Providence Day School. She also played at Wofford as a right side hitter. 

Coach Philosophy:
People first, volleyball second. These are my guiding principles when I coach the game of volleyball. As a CJV alum and local mental health worker, I take pride in combining the benefits of team sports and personal reflection when working with my players. I believe that playing sports as a teenager not only builds character and confidence, but also gives them a sense of accomplishment, self-awareness, and identify formation. I believe team sports also prepares them for life with its' emphasis on remaining flexible and remaining mentally resilient. It teaches them to work as a team or as a team player. Not as an individual. The athletic experience should provide an opportunity for character growth on and off the court. I have standards, not strict rules. I expect my players to show up physically and mentally ready to work. Because of my mental health profession, I am a realist, and understand "life happens" and am happy to provide a safe space for my athlete to talk to when they believe they need a "life stressor reset".

I value family, accountability, friendship, laughter, and work-life balance. Perfection is not a non-negotiable on my team, but tenacity is. The ability to work hard is a value I believe will surpass their volleyball careers and translate to overall life success. When you play on my team, expect the following: to be treated fairly but challenged appropriately, and held accountable as a good teammate and team player

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