Stacy Keller

14 Semi-National North Head Coach

Stacy Keller

Stacy has been a High School and Middle School Gold coach for five+ years. In addition, he frequently coaches the Stuart Kramer Vartisy program. Stacy has coached at the Regional and Semi-National level at CJV for three years now!

Coach Philosophy:
My coaching Philosophy is to obtain the greatest amount of growth as a player and person as I can out of every team member, and still ensure it is fun for the athlete.

How do we achieve this Philosophy

1. Come prepared to practice

2. Ensure every player gives maximum effort both physically and mentally.

3. Taking situations in volleyball and guiding the players to how it applies in life.

4. Ensure I am prepared as a coach! Whether it is giving tough feedback or ensuring that you have the practice plan ready to go when practice starts.

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