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Carolina Juniors Volleyball Club employs hundreds of coaches each year.  Many of our Directors and Coaches have been working with the CJV Club since it began in 1995.  Most of our coaches are current local High School and College Coaches, Former College and Club Players and Other Dedicate Individuals that have a love for Volleyball and teaching young people. Click on the bios below to learn more about our current coaches or fill out an application to learn more about joining the CJV Coaching Team.  CLICK HERE To fill out a Coaching Application.  Current coaches can CLICK HERE for the Coach 411 page.

CJV Leadership

Name Leadership Role
Sheila Walsh
Kelsey Smith
CJV Director, South
CJV Director, North
Zoe Bell
Alexander Schinzing
Tim Leary
Shem Welch
Shelby Cox
Ashlyn Dibrell

CJV Director Travel Teams and Training, Coach
CJV Director of Recruiting and Training, Coach
Local Teams Director
Carolina Beach Director
Administrative Assistant, Coach
Administrative Assistant

Brook Hammers
Ray Gray
CJV Director of Youth Development, Coach
Player Relations, Coach
Savannah Linduff
Suzie Pignetti
Carrie Christian
Brian Rosen
Beth Phifer
Coach, Former Director
Master Coach, Former Director
Master Coach, Former Director
College Coach, Former Director
Former Director
Allan Haseley Sports Connection Owner

Where Some Of Our Coaches Coach When Not At CJV! 

Building Strong Players AND Local School Programs - We Are CJV!

Zoe Bell Ardrey Kell Humberto Guevara Legion Academy
Anna Moore Country Day Jo Meewes Marvin Ridge
Laurel Shelley Country Day Brook Hammers Marvin Ridge
Amanda Scott Fort Mill Middle School Daniel Poole Highland Tech
Bridget Atkinson South Point Rose Skibek Providence Day
Veronice Elfe Hickory Ridge Stacy Keller North Gaston
Chemaiya Jordan Hickory Ridge Heather Pasour Kings Mountain
Kimmy Kwok Mallard Creek Courtney Furlong York Middle & York Comprehensive High School
Kyle Ferguson Gaston Christian Lewis Wiliamson Legion Academy

NCAA National Championship

CJV Is Proud Of All Of Our Current and Past Players And Coaches.
Over 70% of all players and coaches at clubs in the Charlotte area, started or furthered their coaching and playing careers by playing, coaching or through some other contact or relationship with CJV!  With CJV's numerous levels of Programs from Lil Spikers all the way to the Elite Level, we are able to train all ages and skill levels of players. In addition to teaching and training over 2500 players each year, CJV also allows coaches an opportunity to advance their coaching careers at CJV by working with the some of the best volleyball coaches and players in the area. We are proud to be able to Train and Mentor new and less experienced coaches interested in learning to coach volleyball, not just for our CJV Club, but also to improve the quality and level of coaching at all the local schools and other volleyball clubs in the area. We understand Coaches and Players have many opportunities to coach and play volleyball and are glad CJV is, or has been, part of their volleyball careers and hope they will continue to play, coach and give back to the great sport of Volleyball wherever they are

Sheila Walsh
CJV South Director

Kelsey Smith
CJV North Director

Zoe Bell
Travel Teams Director, 16 Elite Head Coach and 13 Regional Co Head Coach

Alexander Schinzing
Recruiting and Training Director and 17 Elite Head Coach

Tim Leary
Tim Leary
Local Teams Director

Brook Hammers
CJV Travel Teams & 12 National Head Coach

Ralph Viegelmann
18 Elite Head Coach

Ray Gray
Player Relations

Shem Welch
Carolina Beach Director

Melissa Maxwell
18 Elite Assistant Coach

Veronica Elfe
18 National Head Coach

Thomas DeBrayne
17 National South Head Coach

Vanessa "Coach V" James
17 National North Head Coach

Alex Kirk
17 National North Assistant Coach

Rose Richardson
17 Semi-National South Head Coach

Anteesha Smoots
17 Semi-National North

Alli Fleagle
16 Elite Assistant Coach

Ed McGarr
16 National 1 South Head Coach

Courtney Furlong
16 National 1 South Assistant Coach

Adam Carmen
16 National 1 North Head Coach

Makaila Vang
16 National 1 North Assistant Coach

Brianna Weitz
16 Semi-National South Head Coach

Samantha Kurtzke
16 Regional South Head Coach

Anna Moore
15 Elite Head Coach

Laurel Shelley
15 Elite Assistant Coach

Alex Viera
15 National 1 South Head Coach

Brooke Farley
15 National 1 South Assistant & 17 Elite Second Assistant

Lewis Williamson
15 National North Head Coach

Kimmy Kwok
15 National North Assistant Coach

Heather Pasour
15 National 2 South Head Coach

Adeline Howell
15 National 2 South Assistant Coach

Amanda Scott
15 Semi-National South Head Coach

Caroline Douglas
15 Semi National 2 South Head Coach

Hayley McNeil
15 Semi-National 2 North

Casey Snyder
15 Regional South Head Coach

Kim Jackson
14 Elite Head Coach

Taylor Henry
14 Elite Assistant Coach

Lindsay Ellis
14 National North Head Coach

Mandy Hamrick
14 National North Assistant Coach

Duane Linnens
14 National South Head Coach

Darrell Frame
14 National South Assistant Coach

Humberto Guevara
14 Semi National South Head Coach and 12 Developmental South Head Coach

Stacy Keller
14 Semi-National North Head Coach

Maura Yarbrough
14 Regional North Head Coach

Ben Wilkinson
13 National Head Coach

Amanda Adams
13 National Assistant Coach

Olivia Hopkins
13 Semi-National South Head Coach

Jana Eatman
13 Semi-National North Head Coach

Savannah Linduff
Retired CJV Director, 13 Regional Co Head Coach

Jo Meewes
12 Regional South Head Coach

Melanie Jones
12 Regional North Head Coach

The Following CJV Coaches Are Not Currently Coaching A CJV Team.

Brian Rosen
Brian Rosen
CJV Director (Retired) - College Coach

Suzie Pignetti
Suzie Pignetti
CJV Director (Retired) - Master Coach

Carrie Christian
Carrie Christian
CJV Director (Retired) - Master Coach

Rick Kiser
CJV Coach

Cori Bray
Cori Bray
CJV Coach

Emily Horn
CJV Coach

Amanda Valbert
CJV Coach

Tony Scott
CJV Coach

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