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Available Location(s): Granite Street, Northlake

Carolina Juniors Volleyball has multiple options for CJV players to work on their strength and conditioning. Our Granite Street Volleyball Center is equipped with our own CJV Fitness Center specifically for CJV Players and Coaches.  Our Northlake Volleyball Center shares a building with Fitness Connection and can arrange for special private or individual training.

In addition to our in-house Fitness Centers, Carolina Juniors has also partnered with top local trainers and companies to provide Strength & Conditioning and Speed & Agility training to all CJV Teams during their season and Individual Players year round. See below for more information.

Program Date Location Cost Notes To Register
Team Training During Each
National Teams
Normal Season
Granite Street
Included The CJV Strength & Conditioning
Director will work with all National
Coaches and Players to develop
and monitor a Program for each
team during the Club Season.
See Coach
Training Clinics TBA Granite Street
Individual Training Off Season Performance
$250 / Month Unlimited Training
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Individual Training In Season Performance
$160 / Month
$140 / Month
8 training sessions per month
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Individual Training Drop In Sessions Performance
$30 Per Session Click Here For Brochure Performance

Sports Performance

Our Athletic Development Philosophy

Sports can be an enormous part of today’s youth upbringing and we understand that the programs you want your child or yourself involved in should reflect these intentions. With millions attending youth athletics in the US today, we know that the sport is growing bigger, every year, and we want to assist this growing population in maximizing their experience by creating more confident, comfortable, and adaptable players.

First, we strive to do this with an intense research-based approach to designing our programs and services that best reflect the latest research in youth strength, power, speed, skill, and mental development. We strongly disagree with the program approach of training youth players like adults and ignoring the unique learning pace of each individual athlete. Secondly, we want to ensure that our staff and vendors we endorse are of the highest quality and overly capable of bringing your child beyond their perceived athletic potential. Thirdly, we do not believe in one-size-fits-all programs that blindly train athletes and assumes that all players training needs are the same.

Our programs and philosophies may be foreign to those who have never been involved with a research-based company. Our attention to detail and executing “best practices” should be a constant education process. Your child may not crawl out of the door, puking, overly sore, or exhausted every training session like some programs make certain. We make it a habit to do what is best for the player and that process is long-term and methodical. 

Focus For Training:

  • Individual Needs – We want to know where the player is today, in order to best create the individualized process that is best for each player’s needs. Sessions serve to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the player in all areas of performance, introduce the player to our fundamental principles of success, and establish a relationship for effective training and enjoyment of the process.

  • Athletic Enhancement – One of the least understood and practiced aspects of player development, is movement quality. No player can enhance their technical ability if they are ignoring, and thus digressing, their physical qualities. Strength enhancement, recovery, flexibility, conditioning, and speed/agility progression are synonymous and must be implemented at appropriate ages to ensure that the potential of the athlete is met.

  • Injury Prevention – We see the epidemic of injuries that occur at all ages, in athletes, due to the nature of more serious and higher level play at early ages. We know that it is the highest priority to keep these players on the field by ensuring the athlete avoids the 3 reasons that injuries occur: Poor movement, inadequate strength, and/or improper fatigue management. Our programs and the tools used within work to correct and progress all 3 areas.

  • Fun – Why play the game if the process is not enjoyable? Especially at the early ages, we believe that players must be pulled into (not pushed) the difficulty of hard work and other values of athletic success.

  • Biological Age – Not all players are growing and developing at the same rate. Our programs look to meet the development needs during the sensitive times that the athlete is moving through growing stages. We measure applicable player’s growth patterns and work to push the different key phases of development, based on their maturity, not chronological age.


  • Wade Pearce: During his 15 years of coaching club he has developed and prepared several athletes for collegiate level play. Wade's 18s team in 2013 had all 10 student-athletes go on to play collegiately. His teams have excelled at the highest level, including the Carolina Region's 1st National Qualifier championship (Denver, 05). He also runs and operates 3DVB individual and group player development training. 

  • Chip Janson: Crossfit Level I and II Certifications, TRX Certification, A.C.E. Certification. Chip was also responsible for the Charlotte Country Day Volleyball offseason training in 2014 when the team went 44-1 and won the NCISAA 3A State Championship. 

  • Kaley Viola: Master of Science in Sports and Fitness from Winthrop University where she was a four year member of the Volleyball Team. Upon graduation, she was the team's strength and conditioning coach. She is currently the assistant coach at Davidson College. 

  • Performance Unlmited
    Marko Luetge: Director
    John Lytton: Lead Movement Specialist
    Billy Ward: Movement Specialist
    Trent Michels: Movement Specialist

    All staff within the Performance Specialist Program are certified and licensed within the most respected organizations within the industry. All coaches have had athletic careers and are experienced coaching players at every level, including youth, college, and professional. 

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