COVID-19 Statement

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Carolina Juniors Volleyball COVID-19 Statement

Our Local Programs, Lessons and Clinics begin the week of June 1 and our summer camps begin the week of June 15. We are hoping the COVID-19 threat will be reduced enough by then to allow us to return to our normal volleyball practices and camps. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and make as many necessary changes as possible and recommended by our national, state and local agencies. However, we will be playing VOLLEYBALL, which is naturally a sport that involves players playing close to each other and using shared equipment. All players and parents need to do what they feel is necessary to protect themselves, and if that means skipping the summer season, we will issue any player or camper a credit.

Regarding "social distancing", our practices and camps already have less than the recommended number of players per area that government officials are suggesting. We typically put 8-10 players / campers per coach and per a 1600 sqft area. We will be having closed practices, meaning no parents or spectators. Our tournaments will be played on less courts than normal, so spectators will be allowed to attend and spread out over a larger area. We will not be obtaining temperatures from everyone prior to entering our buildings. We do ask all parents and players not to attend any programs if they have a cough, temperature or are sick in anyway. No masks will be required, but players and spectators are welcome to wear one if they would like. We do not suggest wearing a mask while playing volleyball since it could affect the breathing of the player and communicating between teammates. If you are requiring your child to wear a mask, you might want to consider not participating this season. It will not be possible to sanitize all balls and other shared equipment after every practice. 

We look forward to seeing everyone back on the courts soon!

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