COVID-19 Statement

Available Location(s): Granite Street, Northlake

Carolina Juniors Volleyball COVID-19 Statement

Our Granite Street and Northlake Volleyball Centers we be controlling the number of people in our buildings at all times. We have cancelled many of our other programs and public access to also reduce the total number of people in our buildings.

We have been conducting camps this summer with no problems and have been following the "day camp" guidelines as close as possible as outlined by our local and national government. We plan to continue to conduct your volleyball program following the same "camp format" as far as check-in, limited number of players per area, mask usage, social distancing, hand sanitizing, etc.

We will be playing volleyball, which does involve some shared equipment, primarily the volleyballs. We encourage all players to avoid touching their face and mouth whenever possible.

Masks will be REQUIRED to be worn by all players, parents, coaches and staff in all "Public Areas". Public Areas include the lobby, hallways, bleachers, tables, bathrooms, etc.

Masks will Not Be Required to be worn in "Private Areas" but MAY be worn while practicing if you choose to wear them. Private Areas are the actual volleyball court you are assigned to inside the walled-in playing area. Masks should be worn when exiting the courts. Per the government guidelines, masks are not required for people engaging in "strenuously exercising".

To limit the number of extra people in the building during your child's program, parents and spectators are not allowed to remain inside. Parents are welcome to escort their child into the building if needed. Exceptions can be made for younger and new players who might need extra attention and support from their parents. Please see a staff member if this is the case.

All players should report to their assigned court / area upon arrival and do not need to stop at the front counter. You will be reassigned to a different court / area after teams are selected, but please report to your assigned court / area for the first two practices.

To reduce the number of people in the building and less congestion and interacting with other players and parents, players should not arrive and enter the building earlier than 15 minutes before your scheduled program start time. Players must exit the building no later than 15 minutes after their scheduled program end time.

All customers should enter through the FRONT doors and exit through any SIDE door that is closest to your volleyball court / area at our Granite Street location. All customers should enter and exit through the FRONT LEFT doors at our Northlake location.

Hand sanitizer stations are located at each entry to all volleyball courts and playing areas. We ask all players and coaches to please wash / sanitize their hands each time they enter and exit the courts.

Regarding "social distancing", our practices and camps already have less than the recommended number of players per area that government officials are suggesting. We typically put 8-10 players / campers per coach and per a 1600 sqft area.

Our league games will be played on fewer courts than normal, so spectators will be allowed to attend and spread out over a larger area.

We will not be obtaining temperatures from everyone prior to entering our buildings. We do ask all parents and players not to attend any programs if they have a cough, temperature or are sick in anyway.

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