Coaches 411

Available Location(s): Granite Street, Northlake

Coach 411

This page is for all Current CJV Coaches. If you are looking for Coaches Bios and Coaching Application, click on the Coaches Page.

Attention Current Coaches and CJV Staff: To access the CJV Secured Coaches Page, Click Here.  A User Name and Password is required.


Below you will find links to videos of some of the warmups and drills we'll be incorporating in our Master Coach practices. Please review the Master Coach plans in the secured CJV Staff page, and see your Master Coach or a director if you need further clarification.

Expense Reports

Expense Reports should be submitted online by the 1st or 16th of each month. If submitted by the 1st you will be paid on the 10th. If submitted by the 16th you will be paid on the 25th. All receipts should be put in a separate envelope per tournament and turned in at the Granite Street or Northlake front counter. (Coaches can download the Expense Report Form by clicking on PDF File at top of this page.)


The CJV Club will help with pre-booking and pre-paying for all Hotel, Airfare and Rental Cars when possible.  Please contact the club travel director to coordinate your travel needs.  


One Day Tournaments: $25 per day
Multi Day LOCAL Tournaments (i.e. Rock Hill, Charlotte, etc): $35 per day
Multi Day Out of Town Tournaments: $50 per day

Coaches should fill their tanks up before traveling to the tournaments at their expense and again upon returning from the tournament. Then turn that receipt in for reimbursement.

USAV and AAU Information

All National and Regional Coaches and Players need to register and pay their USAV Membership online with the Carolina Region

If you are a member of another region from the previous club season, you will need to email that region directly to get released. This will need to be done before you can be accepted into the Carolina Region.

If you have trouble Registering or Paying on the USAV website, please call their Regional Office at 336-766-3581.

Any team that will be playing any AAU tournaments, the coach will also need to be registered with AAU.

IMPACT Course Information

All coaches need to be IMPACT Certified to coach any team playing in USAV Competition. Please see the club director for more details.


Coaches should check the Region's website to confirm they are registered for their specific tournaments and to confirm the location of the tournament.  Please email in the results of each tournament to the CJV office and submit any pictures, stats or other tournament summary information to be added to your team's website page.

Playing Time

CJV Policy is that playing time on National and Regional Teams will be completely at the coach's discretion.

Gold, Silver, or Bronze Teams will receive playing time in all League matches. Playing time on the younger and more developmental teams will be equal. Playing time on the more competitive teams may not be equal in all league games. 

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