2019 - Silver Teams - Winter 2019

Location: Granite Street

SILVER Teams - Winter 2019 - NORTH & SOUTH


All rosters can be viewed using our DASH Online Program. The email address we have on file for you is your User Name. Please contact us at 704-583-1444 if you have trouble accessing the DASH Program. On DASH you can view your Roster, League Games, Update Your Profile, Communicate with Team Members, etc.

Practice Schedule

We will have practices on Holidays and School Breaks. Girls will pick their team name and team color the first week of practice.

Practices For Winter 2019 Season

The actual practice days and times may change based on registrations, coaches and court availability.

Program / Team Days Times
9-12 SILVER - North MondayWednesday 4:30-6:00 PM
9-12 SILVER - South MondayWednesday 4:30-6:00 PM
6-8 SILVER - North MondayWednesday 6:00-7:30 PM
6-8 SILVER - South MondayWednesday 6:00-7:30 PM
3-6 SILVER - North Tuesday/Thursday 6:00-7:30 PM
3-6 SILVER - South MondayWednesday 4:30-6:00 PM

League Dates

The full League Schedule will be posted after the first full week of practices and teams are formed and an email will be sent to all players. All League Games will be held at our Granite Street or Northlake Locations. League Games will consist of Warm-Ups and 1 to 2 matches against other teams in your division. 

Season Weekends
Winter 2019 Feb 1-3, Feb 8-10, Feb 15-17, Feb 22-24, Mar 1-3, Mar 4-10

Teams could play on any day of the week, but most games will be Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday each week.
Not all teams will play all weeks. Games could be at South or North location.
A complete schedule will be posted when teams are formed.


Listed below are some notes and reminders regarding our Team Programs.

League Games

League games will be at the Sports Connection Granite Street and Northlake location. Check the DASH website for your groups specific times.

Players will have 10-15 minutes of warm-ups. All Silver and all Gold level teams will play 1 match (best of 5 games) versus one team each week.

Games are played to 25 points unless it is the 3rd or 5th deciding game, which will be played to 15 or less depending on time. Some of the more competitive teams may not be able to complete their matches depending on time.

Spectators will remain outside the playing area. Please do not bring food or drinks into the volleyball court area during the league games or at any other time.


The practice times are posted above. The website will let you know if any future practices will be cancelled. If CMS is cancelled due to bad weather, all CJV practices will also be cancelled. 

There will be practice on CMS school holidays (MLK Day, Presidents Day, and Spring Break).

We ask that parents use their own judgment regarding staying and watching practices. Most all of the area around the courts is playable area, so we ask if you are going to stay and watch, please do so from the bleacher area. During league games we will not be using all courts, so there will be extra space for spectators. 

Our Volleyball Centers were built specifically for the Carolina Juniors Volleyball Club. You are all member of the CJV Club. We ask that you help take care of YOUR facilities. This could include picking up trash if you see it, making sure people keep food and drinks out of the playing area, or emailing us if you see a need or problem. Thank you!


This year's CJV Program has over 600 girls from over 100 different schools and over 50 coaches. Our goal is to provide all girls with the opportunity to practice volleyball and have fun along the way. We have tried to divide the league program into groups and teams that will allow all girls to get the most out of the CJV Team Program.


Girls will receive their team t-shirts during practices prior to their first game. Girls can wear whatever color shorts, socks, etc. they choose. Kneepads are suggested but not required and available for purchase at our facilities. 

Playing Time

All girls will receive playing time at each league competition. Playing time on the younger and more developmental teams will be equal. Playing time on the more competitive teams may not be equal in all league games.

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