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Carolina Beach offers a variety of beach volleyball programs in Charlotte for players of all ages and all skill levels to learn and play BEACH / SAND Volleyball. We have Clinics, Lessons and Monthly Developmental Programs for the beginner to intermediate level players as well as our Year-Round Programs for the higher level players and players wanting to play in college.


The Carolina Beach Programs are offered at our Carolina Beach Courts (Sports Connection-Granite Street) location. Players from all over the Carolinas and all Clubs and Schools are invited to participate. 


Carolina Beach have assembled some of the best coaches in the area to work with our Beach Volleyball Programs. Many coaches live in the Charlotte area and other coaches from around the state, region and college and professional players will assist with special training sessions, clinics, camps and recruiting programs. Visit our coaches' page for bios on all our beach and indoor coaches.

Director:  Shem Welch
Head Coach: Tony Scott
Head Coach: Alexander Schinzing
Head Coach: Dylan Mulkey
Asst Coach: Riley Mulkey
Asst Coach: Erica Janszen


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Season / Dates Cost To Register
Beach Development
1-4 Month Options (Spring/Summer)
1-4 Practices Per Week Options (Fall)

Fall: September & October
(Choose How many days a week)

$275 - $740
Per Person
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Year Round
College Developmental Program

Full Time Program

Part Time Program

Year Round - Lite Program

November - July

November - July

November - July

November - May

$3750* Per Person

$2800* Per Person

$1900* Per Person

$1400* Per Person

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Clinics Year Round $15 - $65
Per Person
Lessons Year Round $65
1-2 Players
Tournaments TBA TBA TBA

Beach Development Program

Overview:  Our Beach Development Program is the perfect program for the beginner to advanced Beach Volleyball player. 

  • Get more touches.
  • Increase your vertical and court quickness.
  • Learn court awareness and enhance your knowledge of volleyball overall.
  • Learn all skills to better your indoor game as well as beach.
  • Prepare your body and your game to play in volleyball tournaments.
  • Get coaching from the best beach coaches in the Carolinas!
  • We not only coach at practice but tournaments as well!
  • Colleges recruit beach players, which offer more scholarship opportunities.
  • Beach Volleyball is the fastest growing sport in the history of the NCAA.

Divisions:  We will break practices out by Age Group. Each age group will have divisions based on ability/experience. By grouping players together in ability based divisions our coaching staff is able to provide ability specific training and accelerate the overall learning curve.

Tournaments:  Tournaments are not required, but are a great way to demonstrate and apply the skills we practice in a match setting. The competitive environment in a tournament is a great learning experience in itself and we will offer coaching support at many tournaments this season.

Strength and Conditioning:  There is no better way to get in shape and gain quickness than to train in the sand. All practices will include specific cardio and sand plyo training either at the beginning or end of practice. Our strength and conditioning program, if performed correctly and consistently, will provide increased quickness, stamina, strength, and vertical leap ability.

Requirements:  A willingness and desire to learn the beach game and the ability to have fun doing so. This is not your picnic volleyball program. We will focus primarily on a skill set one day and spend more time playing on the other day.

Playing Partner:  You do not need to have a playing partner to join our program. Playing with different people is part of learning the game. Our practices will give you plenty of experience pairing up with someone you may not know well, and if you don’t have a partner come tournament time we can offer suggestions to help you.

**** Please note some players may be asked to switch days/times due to skill level 

*** All Players will get a Carolina Beach Volleyball Academy T-shirt and Tank Top

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Year-Round Beach Programs

Want to play beach volleyball in college? Want to improve your indoor skill set? Simply Love beach volleyball? Want to be the absolute best volleyball player you can be? Whatever the reason, we have the program for you!

The Year-Round Programs have different tiers depending on what your goals are as a volleyball player. If beach volleyball is your passion, our College Athlete Program and Full-Time Programs are for you, and if supplementing your indoor training is your goal, our Full-Time and Part-Time Programs could be for you. Each level has a different commitment level with the College Athlete Program being for only the most dedicated.

Our Year Round Program was developed with input from college coaches across the country. We asked what they wanted from their athletes when they showed up on campus, we listened and created our curriculum on those requests. The practices are intense, and conditioning is a huge staple for our programs. If hard work is appealing to you, then the Year-Round Program and Carolina BEACH is the place for you.​

All players will be required to fill out a contract. This contract is an agreement that the coaches will do everything they can to help grow the player both as a person and help the player achieve their desired goals. The player promises that while coaches are coaching the players will be attentive, will work hard giving maximum effort while at practice. They will also agree they will be on time ready to go at the given start times for all functions. They will also be agreeing to encourage the other players, pick them up when they are down, help motivate them and most importantly, while at tournaments all players are expected to cheer our other family members on when they are not playing. Failure to do so will result in corrective action.​

For the tournaments on our schedule... Coaches will be provided to assist throughout the tournament. Depending on the number of teams that go, will determine how many coaches we will have in attendance. However not all teams will have coaches at all matches. We will do our best to be at as many games as possible. We encourage you all to participate in as many as possible, you learn something new every time you play, especially our travel tournaments.​

Partners - Partners are not required to sign up for any of our programs. Before you agree to play with anyone at a tournament, you must first receive the approval of the Director. Players in our CAP program must play in all of our scheduled tournaments and must play with as many different players as possible. Our goal this upcoming season will be to create pods, and within those pods are similar skilled players that you will play with until everyone has played with each other. For smaller non scheduled tournaments you are able to play with anyone you choose, assuming they are not playing for a rival club. CAP players will get first choice followed by Full-Time then Part-Time followed finally by any of our Development players. If there are any issues please see the Director and we will handle.

Program Practice Days Practice Times  Location Register
College Developmental Program Click Here Talk to your Director Granite Street Click Here
Coming Soon
Elite Program Click Here Talk to your Director Granite Street Click Here
Coming Soon
Part-Time Program Click Here Talk to your Director Granite Street
Click Here
Coming Soon
Beach Lite Program  Click Here Talk to your Director Granite Street Click Here
Coming Soon

Commitment:  There are different commitment levels depending on which group you are training under.

Divisions:  Girls’ and Boys’ 18’s, 16’s, 14’s, 12’s

College Recruiting:  Personal recruiting plan with specific educational and athletic goals. Introductions to college coaches. Priority for recruiting camps and clinics.

Tournaments:  Varies depending on what program you are in. Every athlete is encouraged to play as much as they can, regardless of which group they have chosen to participate.

Agility & Jump Training:  Agility and sand plyo’s will be done before every practice. If you are in our CDP Program you will also have weights and gym time built in.

Practices:  Check with Beach Director Per Season.

Beach Camp:  We will look to host several college camps and host another camp with AVP Pros. Pros to run private practice with Year Round players.

Nutrition:  Training on how to eat, when to eat, and what to eat for optimal performance. 

Club Membership Packages:  Every registered player will receive a club membership package. Contact the Beach Director for details per season.

Playing Partner:  You do not need to have a playing partner to join our program. Playing with different people is part of learning the game. Our practices will give you plenty of experience pairing up with someone you may not know well, and if you don’t have a partner come tournament time we can offer suggestions to help you.

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College Athlete Program (CAP)

Please visit

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Full-Time Program

Please visit

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Part-Time Program

Please visit


Beach Lite Program

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Clinics, Lessons, Tournaments, Leagues

Beach Volleyball Clinics

There are no Clinics scheduled at this time. 

Beach Volleyball Lessons

Email us at to book a private Beach Volleyball Lesson. Lessons are $65 per hour and allows for up to 2 people to attend. Each addtional person (more than 2) is $10.

Beach Volleyball Tournaments

There are numerous Beach, Sand & Grass Tournaments in Charlotte and around the Carolinas that players can choose to enter. We will be hosting some beach tournaments at our own "Carolina Beach Courts" in Charlotte soon.

The Beach Program Coaches will also keep all players informed of the upcoming tournaments and suggest the ones that may be best suited for their skills and work with each team to help prepare for tournament play.

Carolina Beach Volleyball Academy is based out of the Charlotte area and focuses on beach volleyball training. Carolina Beach was started in 2020 by Shem Welch who has 20+ years of experience playing beach and 10+ years coaching and managing a club. Shem and his team have partnered with the CJV Club to help manage and train and develop seasonal and year-round beach training programs for girls and boys in the Charlotte area wanting to learn, play and excel at Beach Volleyball. We invite you to visit the Carolinabeachvb website for other beach volleyball resources, testimonials, college commitments, tournaments, and other information.

Lady Grayhounds is based out of North Charlotte and is owned and operated by CJV Coach, Ray Gray. Beach Training is for ages 8-18 and are divided by skill level and are on Sundays from 8:00-10:00 AM. The sessions will be held at Blythe Landing (Lake Norman) 15901 NC Highway 73 Huntersville, NC 28078. Sessions are $30 each for a training program LIKE NO OTHER!  You will be introduced to: a unique Volleyball specific conditioning experience (first 30 minutes), an intense all skill training regimen (45 minutes), ending with competitive games to your skill level (35-45 minutes)!"  Each week you will have access to 4 courts, learning rules and fundamentals of 2's, 3's, 4's or 6's with the opportunity to enter and compete in local tournaments. There are no tryouts, no contracts or commitment so pay as you go.  To join, download the GroupMe App on your phone and accept invitation to group, called, 'Sand Volleyball'. Click here to join GroupMe. For more information, please contact Coach Ray Gray - Grayhounds Owner/Head Coach at or (202) 903-3088.

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