Spring Semi-National Team Program

Available Location(s): Granite Street, Northlake


The CJV SPRING SEMI-NATIONAL teams will provide an opportunity for girls ages 12 - 16 to try out for competitive volleyball teams in North and South Charlotte. Tryouts are required for each season. Semi-National teams will practice 1-2 times each week and compete in 3-5 tournaments on weekends in Charlotte and outside the Charlotte area and possibly a few tournaments outside of North Carolina.

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Mission Statement

The National Program Team Programs at Carolina Juniors Volleyball are designed to offer an opportunity for volleyball players in the greater Charlotte area to reach their full potential and to prepare for the next level of play. CJV provides a program of intensive skill and strategic volleyball training in a safe, positive environment. The experience will teach the values of teamwork, discipline, responsibility, motivation, and self-esteem.


Most Spring Semi-National teams will practice and play in tournaments from April - June.

Teams & Locations

CJV's goal is to form 1-2 Semi-National teams at each age group for South Charlotte and 1-2 Semi-National teams for North Charlotte. These Semi-National teams will be made up primarily from the best players in either North or South Charlotte and will practice at the CJV Volleyball Centers in their area of town. South Charlotte (Sports Connection-Granite Street) AND in North Charlotte (Sports Connection-Northlake). 

Playing Age

The CJV Playing Ages are based on the USAV established Playing Ages.  Players should try out for their age group.  Coaches may move players and combine age groups as needed.  The goal is 10-11 players per Semi-National teams.  

Tryouts & Registration

Pre-registration is required for all National Level Team programs.

New Tryout Participant: There is a $35 Registration Fee for all players who did not participate in our 2018/2019 National Program Tryouts in the Fall. When registering, you will register for Spring Semi-National Tryouts - NEW.  All players will receive a CJV/Under Armour shirt to wear at tryouts and to keep.

Returning Tryout Participant: For all RETURNING Tryout Participants, please register for the "Returning" tryout. You will be required to include your Pink Shirt Number on the registration form. Anyone who tried out during the 2018/19 Fall National Program tryouts is considered a returning tryout participant (even if the player was not placed on a team). 

Players who receive a bid on a team will be contacted immediately following tryouts and will continue to be contacted into the following week. Teams will be posted once all bids are accepted and deposits are paid.

If you are currently playing with another club, trying out for our Spring Semi National season will not conflict with any USAV letters of commitment since our Spring season does not attend any USAV sanctioned events. All players are welcome to tryout.

Group Playing Age Location Tryout Dates & Times To Register For Tryouts
12 and under Born on or after 9/1/06 South (Granite)

Wednesday, March 6, 5:30-7:30 PM

Registration Closed
13 and under Born on or after 9/1/05 South (Granite)

Wednesday, March 6, 5:30-7:30 PM

Registration Closed
14 and under Born on or after 9/1/04 South (Granite)

Wednesday, March 6, 5:30-7:30 PM

Registration Closed
15 and under Born on or after 9/1/03 South (Granite)

Wednesday, March 6, 5:30-7:30 PM

Registration Closed
16 and under Born on or after 9/1/02 South (Granite)

Wednesday, March 6, 5:30-7:30 PM

Registration Closed


Each of the Spring Semi-National teams will have 1-2 Coaches. Visit the COACHES page to see details on our incredibly talented and successful coaching staff. Visit the TEAMS page to see all Teams and Coaches. Coaching assignments may change based on the number and level of girls at tryouts and the total number of teams formed. You can find our coaching assignments in the Spring Semi National Tournament Guide at the top of this webpage.

Signing Dates

After tryouts are completed, all players making a team will be notified and have an option to accept the invitation to play with CJV. When selected for a team you will have 24 hours to pay 1/3 of your team fee. To withdraw from being selected for a National Level team, please submit your request IN WRITING prior to the end of the second tryout.


Spring Semi-National teams will practice 1-2 times per week. Spring Semi-National teams will primarily practice at their home location. Either the Sports Connection-Granite Street or the Sports Connection-Northlake CJV Volleyball Centers. Click on TEAMS for more specific practice information once you are selected to a team.  Practices could be any day of the week from 4:00 - 10:00 PM.  Practices could be on any weekend from 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM. More information on practices will be available at tryouts.


A Tournament Schedule will be posted on the Team's page when available. The season starts early April and goes through the end of June. Each team will attend 3-5 local and/or regional tournaments. Tournament schedules and team fees will be available at tryouts. Below is a SAMPLE of some of the tournaments teams may choose to attend. (Note: this is not an official schedule and could change.) Tournaments will be decided on by the coach with input from the CJV club and parents and players.  

Tournament Location Date
CJV Spring Classic Charlotte, NC April 27-28
K2 Summer Blast Seivierville, TN May 11-12
South Carolina AAU Grand Prix Spartanburg, SC May 18-19
JVA Coastal Classic Myrtle Beach, SC June 8-9
AAU Nationals *dates depend on age group* Orlando, FL June 17-28

Playing Time

All players will receive some Playing time in each tournament at the Semi-National team level.


The Spring Semi-National team fee is determined by how many and which tournaments your coach chooses for the team to attend. Total fees range from $795 - $1995 per girl, with 1/2 of the team fee due within 24 hours of when teams are posted. The second and final payment will be due April 12th. Additional payment plans are available upon request.

The Spring Semi-National team fee Includes: Tournament Entry Fees, Practices, Coaches Salaries and Expenses for Practices and All Tournaments, Equipment (Volleyballs, Courts, Nets, Practice Equipment, etc.), Overhead (Administration, Websites, Insurance, Credit Cards, Accounting, Staff), etc.
Additional costs include:  Uniforms*, AAU Membership ($14 per player), Sports Connection Registration Fee of $25 (annual), Individual Player's Travel Expenses, Possible Extra Tournaments and Other Optional Team Expenses.  Some teams may choose to do fundraisers during the season.

*All uniforms this season will be decided on and ordered at the team meetings.  A representative will be present at the team meeting with a run of uniform sizes for players to view.

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