The Sports Connection offers many Games and Attractions for the whole family.  Not all Games & Attractions are available at all locations.  Click below for more information.



BOWLING - Ballantyne
Bowling at Sports Connection is the perfect blend of fun and competition, featuring the newest lanes in Charlotte, Flat screen TV's, and a tremendous atmosphere of friends, fun and food!  Click Bowling for more information.



LASER TAG - Ballantyne, Northlake
Sports Connection Laser Tag is a high tech, interactive competitive game of strategy and stealth.  Have fun with friends and family while earning points by using your laser to tag your opponents and their base.  Click Laser Tag for more information.



GAMES & RIDES - Ballantyne, Northlake
With more than 100 games and rides, from the classics to the most cutting-edge, Sports Connection is your headquarters for  the most exciting arcade in the Charlotte area!  Win tickets that can be used for great prizes at our redemption counter.  Click Games & Rides for more information.  All games and attractions at the Sports Connection can be paid for with a swipe of your own CONNECTION Credit Card



JUMP-N-PLAY - Ballantyne, Northlake
The Sports Connection is the perfect place for your kids to safely have a blast JUMPING and PLAYING in our  INFLATABLE playground.  We have many inflatable Slides, Bouncers and Obstacles for kids of ALL ages.  Click Jump-N-Play for more information.



MINI BOWLING - Ballantyne, Northlake
Our Mini Bowling is a fun twist on the conventional tenpin bowling game and is great fun for all ages.  No bowling shoes, or lane reservations required.  You and your friends will enjoy bowling and having fun in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional bowling.  Click Mini Bowling for more information.



SPIN ZONE BUMPER CARS - Ballantyne, Northlake
These Bumper Cars are not like your parents played when they were kids!  The Spin Zone Cars can go FORWARDS and BACKWARDS, but they also SPIN.  You can SPIN yourself, or "bump" any car on their left or right side, and send them into an uncontrollable SPIN!  Watch out, others will be aiming to "bump" and SPIN you as well.



Remember having a great time on the playground back in school?  Want to have a blast simply playing games on our various sports fields and courts?  Try SC Playground.  Our staff will provide equipment for activities such as Dodge Ball, Foursquare, Soccer, Basketball, etc.  You decide what you want to pay.



SKY TRAIL ROPES COURSE - Ballantyne, Northlake
Come take a "stroll" on the Sky Trail Ropes Course located inside the Sports Connection Family Entertainment Center at our Ballantyne location.....but Don't Look Down!.  The Ropes Course is suspended HIGH above the Arcade Room and offers many challenging routes and elements to test your balance and nerves



LAZER FRENZY - Ballantyne, Northlake

A New Arcade-style attraction that combines the exhilarating, high-tech excitement of interactive lasers with LED technology that LITERALLY gets the player inside the game. Your objective is to navigate your way through the maze avoiding the myriad of laser beams, hit the Pod button and return through the maze in the fastest time. You can choose your skill level, Easy, Medium, Hard or WOW factor. Click Lazer Frenzy for more information.



ROCK CLIMBING - Ballantyne, Northlake
Come climb our gigantic Indoor Rock Wall at Sports Connection or visit Inner Peaks Climbing Center for 13,000 square feet of climbing fun!
Click Rock Climbing for more information.



LEAGUES  - Northlake, Granite Street
The Sports Connection offers Indoor and Outdoor Adult and Youth Sports Leagues.  Leagues are for all ages and most leagues are offered year round.  Registrations are available for individuals looking for a team and for established teams.  Click on Leagues for more information.