Adult Soccer & Futsal

Available Location(s): Granite Street

Sports Connection offers Coed and Men's Indoor Futsal and partners with SportsLink to offer Outdoor Turf Soccer leagues. If you don't have a team, feel free to sign up as an individual and we will do our best to place you on an existing team or form a house team.

Our 2 Indoor Futsal Courts and 1 Outdoor soccer field are at the Granite Street Location in South Charlotte. We also have 2 Indoor Futsal Courts at our Northlake location.  

A valid Sports Connection Registration Fee is required to participate in all Sports Connection Adult Leagues.  Click on the "Registration Fee" at top right corner of this page for more information.

Outdoor Turf Soccer Leagues - Granite Street

Sports Connection has partnered with SportsLink to run all Outdoor Soccer Leagues at our Granite Street location. To view dates and times for leagues, please visit the SportsLink website to register and for more information.

Indoor Futsal Leagues - Granite Street

There are no Indoor Leagues Scheduled At This Time

League Day Time Format Deadline Starts Cost Division(s)
Men's 30+ Monday 6 PM - 11 PM 5v5 TBA TBA $599
Comp, Int/Rec
Co-Ed Tuesday 6 PM - 11 PM 5v5 TBA TBA $599
Comp, Int/Rec
Men's Wednesday 6 PM - 11 PM 5v5 TBA TBA $599
Comp, Int/Rec
Men's 40+ Thursday 6 PM  - 11 PM 5v5 TBA TBA $599

Click Here For Open Play Dates & Times

To view playoffs for your league, please log into your DASH account »

Each Sports Connection League has its own specific set of League Rules. Listed below are Standard Sports Connection Rules and Policies that all Captains and Players should also be familiar with.

Team Registrations:
There are 3 ways to register a team for a Sports Connection League. Experienced users can visit DASH directly to register. New customers can visit our website for more information on how to register your team. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with additional information on building rosters, schedules, payments, etc.

The $100 Team Deposit is due within 24 hours of receiving this email to ensure placement in the league. Teams will not be scheduled the first week of games without a paid deposit and may be bumped out of a full league. The team balance must be paid IN FULL by the FIRST GAME; otherwise the league coordinator will not start the game until the balance is paid in full. If the balance is not paid at the start of the 1st game, league staff may allow your team to pay provided all payments are made on DASH that night. If there is still a balance the next day, we will charge the remaining balance to the captain's credit card, as we require balances paid in full to be put on the full schedule. ONLY teams with a $0 balance will be placed on the full-season schedule.

If your team withdraws after the 1st week schedule has been posted, you will forfeit the $100 deposit. If your team withdraws after playing a game, you will forfeit the $100 deposit AND pay the pro-rated amount per game that you were scheduled for up until your withdrawal. In all cases, any refund amount will be issued as a company credit to the captain.

Individual Registrations:

There are 3 ways to register a team for a Sports Connection League. Experienced users can visit DASH directly to register. New customers can visit our website for more information on how to register as an individual. The initial house team listing will say "WAIT," but once we have enough paid players to form a team, we will change the team name to include the word "House." At that time, we'll email the team with details on the schedules, jersey color, etc. House teams will carry 2-4 subs.

If we're unable to form a team in your desired league, we will refund your money. We'll then move you to a general WAIT list per sport and contact you if other established teams or house teams are in need of players.

Schedule & Standings:

All schedules and standings can be viewed from our online DASH system. The first week's schedule should be posted online no later than 5 days before the first game (within 48 hours after the deadline). The remaining schedule for the season will be posted online 48 hours after the first week of games are completed. Playoff brackets and other information regarding your League can be viewed from our online DASH system.

Schedule Requests:

All schedule requests must be submitted in writing, either via email or with the team registration in the "Comments" section. Only requests submitted by the CAPTAIN by the registration deadline will be looked at. Requests submitted on time and via email will be taken into consideration, but not all requests are possible. For non-captains playing on multiple teams on the same night, some of your games could overlap. The more requests put in for a team, the less likely we can work around all of them.

Games & Times:

Each team will play 7 regular season games and the top 4 teams in each division will advance to a single-elimination playoff tournament. All games will start and end on time. Some leagues will have a 10-minute warm-up/grace period time, but the clock will start at the scheduled time and all games will end on time. Actual length of games may vary from league to league and may be adjusted by the referee or coordinator to account for delays such as injuries, forfeits, etc.


If you know in advance your team is going to forfeit a game, we request you call our office in order to help us make arrangements to schedule a game for your opponent. If a team forfeits TWO games, they will be removed from the season and likely not allowed to return the following season. Forfeits will also go as a 25-0 loss in football/basketball and a 7-0 loss in soccer.


The top 4 teams will advance to a single-elimination playoff tournament. Only players that are listed on the team roster and have actually played in at least one game during regular season will be eligible to play in the playoffs. All players must have a current picture on file with DASH or have their ID present with them during all playoff games.

Standings & Tie Breakers:

The Sports Connection league standings are calculated using each team's winning percentage. (Total wins divided by total games played per team. Ties are a 1/2 win and 1/2 loss). The order the teams appear on our online DASH program may not necessarily be the exact order your team is in the standings. Each team's final standings will be posted on the Playoff Brackets on your league's information page. If one or more teams are tied in the standings at the end of the regular season, the following "tie breaker" rules will be followed to determine your playoff seeding.

1. Excessive forfeits, ejections, suspensions, penalty cards, will be looked at first.
2. The head-to-head match between the teams that are tied will be looked at second.
3. The total points/scores your team allowed against you will be looked at third.
4. We will flip a coin if all the above are still a tie!

League Prizes:

The Sports Connection will award the winning team in each league a Championship T-Shirt for each player. Those winning repeat championships will receive Champions shirts of different styles.


All captains and players are expected to read and understand the League Rules and policies for the league they are participating in. Any questions or concerns regarding the rules or league policies should be brought to the attention of the league coordinator and/or the Sports Connection office by emailing us at Additional rules and policies may be added or amended by the Sports Connection before or during the season.

Rosters & Waivers:

The Sports Connection requires a signed Liability Waiver from each participant before they will be allowed to participate in any Sports Connection, LLC, League or Other Activity. The Participation Waiver can be filled out and submitted Online via DASH or at your next League Game.

All players' names must be on the team roster form before they will be allowed to play. It is the captain's responsibility to make sure all players' names are on the team roster form before they play. Players found playing in a game and not on the team's roster, not properly checked in (see "pick-up" and "guest" players below), or considered ineligible, will cause the team to forfeit that game and all previous games he/she has played in. The league coordinator will be spot-checking the rosters each week during the season.

All rosters have a 15-person cap on them Players must play in a regular season game of the current season to be playoff eligible. This helps maintain fair divisions and competition. If a roster dramatically changes from Week 1 to Week 2 when the full schedule is posted, and the change requires a change of divisions, we will re-do schedules as needed. Teams who add players of higher skill level after a season begins, may either be denied the addition of that player, or moved up in division.

A player cannot be on more than one roster in the same division. A player must specify which team is their primary team and be removed from any other rosters in the same division. In the event of any question, the first team they played with during the season will be considered their primary team and any subsequent games where the player is not properly approved to play, will be subject to forfeit.

"B" or "C" teams cannot have over 50% of their playing roster comprised of higher-level players. (Example: In an 8v8 league, 4 upper players maximum. 7v7/6v6 = 3 players max). If a coed league, that number must split evenly between males/females, with 2 males max. (8v8 = 2 males, 2 females. 7v7/6v6 = 2 males, 1 female). If a team has more than this, they will likely be moved up to the next division for the remainder of the season and/or playoffs. League staff may allow the team to remain in their current division, provided they drop excess upper-level players, who will then not be eligible for playoffs.

"Pick-Up" Player
A "Pick-Up" Player is a player on another team in the same league, of which another team wishes to pick-up for a game. A player can only be on ONE roster per division. If a team wishes to pick-up a player from another team during game day, the captain must check-in him/her with the coordinator and receive approval from both the coordinator and opposing captain. If approved, the game is legitimate, but a pick-up player is never added to a roster permanently. If a player is found to be on more than one roster, the team for which they first played for will be the roster they remain on, and other games may be subject to forfeit. Teams cannot pick-up players during playoffs.

"Guest" Player
A "guest" player is a player not possessing a valid membership, who is looking to play with a team for a specific game. The player will use a guest pass to participate. Guest passes are PER GAME and each team is provided five (5) guest passes to use during the season.

Guest Players are NOT added to the permanent roster, not allowed during playoffs and ejection of a Guest Player will result in a forfeit. Players on another roster in the same division will not be added regardless. After five guest passes have been used, the cost is $10/guest and that can be applied toward a yearly Sports Connection Registration Fee if they choose to play again. Guests must fill-out a waiver and check-in properly before playing.

Player Eligibility:

An eligible player is one who is on the team roster, has a signed waiver on file with Sports Connection, is not on any other roster for another team in the same league, not listed on any "restricted" or "suspended" list, meets all roster requirements, has a valid/current Sports Connection Registration Fee, and one who follows the rules of the league.

Players must be 18 years old and up to play without a parent. 16 and 17 year-olds can play on the same team as their parent and must have a valid parent-signed Youth Waiver on file.

Sportsmanship & Suspensions:

The primary focus of any of the sports leagues sponsored by the Sports Connection is fun. Please keep this in mind even when competition becomes intense. Any unacceptable behavior may result in suspension and/or ejection from a game or the league. Fighting of any kind will result in immediate ejection from the game and premises and subject to a minimum one-year suspension from all Sports Connection leagues and events. If a player is ejected, the team is not allowed to replace that player during that game.

Sports Connection has partnered with SportsLink and other organizations to honor suspensions jointly.

One ejection will result in a ONE WEEK suspension from ALL Sports Connection games, INCLUDING your next game in the league you were ejected from. Example: You get suspended on a Monday game, you will not be allowed to play in any games until the NEXT Tuesday. If you have a bye in that league the following week, you will still have to miss the next game scheduled in that league.

If any player receives TWO ejections during their history with Sports Connection, that player is suspended for a minimum of ONE SEASON (3 months).

In any instance where a player receives a THIRD ejection, they will be PERMANENTLY banned from all Sports Connection leagues and events. Leaving the field in an untimely and unruly manner will result in the suspension being doubled. Suspended Players are not allowed at the field until the suspension has been fully served.

Please Note: Two (2) Yellow Cards, Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalties or Technical Fouls in one game will result in an ejection and one-week suspension. Three (3) of those infractions in one season will result in an additional suspension of at least one week.

The Sports Connection will provide a league coordinator for most leagues. The league coordinator is available to help the league run smoothly and to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to ask for their assistance or email us at

Rain Out Information:
Games at Sports Connection's Outdoor Turf Field are rarely rained out. In the event of a rainout, Sports Connection will call all captains immediately, as well as email all players. We will only cancel games for unsafe field conditions or thunder/lightning, not simply for the threat of weather.

LIGHTNING POLICY: When the flash-to-bang count reaches 30 seconds (which means lightning struck 6 miles away), we will stop play immediately & clear the fields. Most cloud-to-ground flashes are within 5-6 miles of the previous flash. When Sports Connection staff has made the decision to clear the fields, all players should promptly seek shelter in a car. If no car is available, a permanent enclosed shelter is a safe option. Covered, but open, structures are not safe.

In situations of LIGHTNING and UNSAFE/UNPLAYABLE FIELD CONDITIONS, play will be suspended for a minimum of 15 minutes and resumed after 15 minutes ONLY if lightning strikes are greater than 6 miles away and fields are suitable for play. If play cannot be resumed after 15 minutes, we will CANCEL THAT GAME and attempt to resume play with the next scheduled game. The canceled game's result will stand if half the contest has been played, otherwise we will attempt to make up the game in full. In the event we cannot reschedule games, we will issue credits that can be used toward future leagues.

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