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January 12, 2021 Letter From Carolina Juniors Volleyball, Sports Connection, and Pickleball Charlotte 

Attention Sports Connection, Carolina Juniors Volleyball and Pickleball Charlotte Customers & Staff,

The Mecklenburg County Public Health Department issued a Directive on Tuesday, January 12, 2021 asking residents of Mecklenburg County to consider staying at home when possible and only leave the house for essential activities and needs. From the research we have been able to conduct, this Directive is a call to individuals, versus businesses, so please use your own individual judgment on what is essential for you to leave your home for. Exercise is listed as one of those items that is important to the overall health and well being for individuals. People over 65 and with other health conditions are strongly encouraged to not travel and venture outside the house, even for exercise.

Many of you have reached out to us to ask if our facilities, programs and activities are going to be cancelled as a result of this most recent Directive. We are continuing to try and do what is best for each of our employees, customers and everyone who may visit any of our locations. We are proud of all of our customers and staff for following all the rules and recommendations put forth by our state and local government and the CDC since we reopened our doors in June. We believe we all have been doing a great job of wearing our masks, maintaining social distance when possible and washing our hands at all times. We have adjusted our programs and activities to reduce the number of people in our buildings to below the allowed number based on our occupancy rating. We will continue to enforce all these rules and keep our facilities as clean as possible.

We continue to feel comfortable that if all customers and staff continue to follow the current rules and procedures in place, we do not feel the need to cancel any of our current programs or activities or close our facilities at this time as a result of the most recent Directive from the county. We will continue to monitor any new developments and make changes or adjustments as needed on a day by day basis. We appreciate your support during these unprecedented times and we will continue to have the safety and health of all of our customers and staff as the driving force for our company's decisions. You, as an individual and customer, need to make your own decision on whether exercising and participating in activities at one of our facilities is in the best interest for you and your family. If now, or in the future, you feel that participating in one of our programs or activities is not in your best interest, please contact us for a credit or refund or to discuss other options.

Thank You

Allan N Haseley, Owner

Carolina Juniors Volleyball, Sports Connection, and Pickleball Charlotte COVID-19 Statement

We will be controlling the number of people in our Granite Street and Northlake Volleyball Centers at all times.

We will be playing volleyball and other sports, which often do involve some shared equipment. We encourage all players to avoid touching their face and mouth whenever possible.

Masks are encouraged to be worn by all players, parents, coaches and staff in all "Public Areas". Public Areas include the lobby, hallways, bleachers, tables, bathrooms, etc. In addition to masks being worn in Public Areas, all players and spectators must adhere to any other mask requirements as specified by the North Carolina government.

Masks will Not Be Required to be worn in "Private Areas" (unless specified otherwise by the current North Carolina Government mandates), but MAY be worn while practicing if you choose to wear them. Private Areas are the actual court you are assigned to inside the walled-in playing area.

Per the government guidelines, masks are not required for people experience trouble breathing, feeling dizzy, or feel the mask is dangerous to their health given the activity they are participating in.

To limit the number of extra people in the building during your child's program, we prefer parents and spectators to drop off their player(s) and not remain inside the building.

To reduce the number of people in the building, lessen congestion and interacting with other players and parents, players should not arrive and enter the building earlier than 15 minutes before your scheduled program start time. Players must exit the building no later than 15 minutes after their scheduled program end time.

All customers should enter through the FRONT doors and exit through any SIDE door that is closest to your court / area at our Granite Street location. All customers should enter and exit through the FRONT LEFT doors at our Northlake location.

Hand sanitizer stations are located at each entry to all courts and playing areas. We ask all players and coaches to please wash / sanitize their hands each time they enter and exit the courts.

We will not be obtaining temperatures from everyone prior to entering our buildings. We do ask all parents and players not to attend any programs if they have a cough, temperature or are sick in anyway.


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