is the NEW way for your child to enjoy Camps at the Sports Connection.  With the FLEX PASS, your child can choose to come to specific DAYS of camp instead of having to choose a whole WEEK of camp. 

The FLEX PASS is valid at our Ballantyne, Northlake and Granite Street locations for the Super Terrific Fun Camps and Sports Camps only.  Please view all of  our Camp options and details by Clicking Here.



$250 For One Book of 6 Flex Pass Days - If you register and pay by April 15, 2014


 $275 For One Book of 6 Flex Pass Days - If you register after April 15, 2014

Player Card 

An Annual Registration Fee (Player's Card) is required for all Summer Camps. The Registration Fee is $25 per Camper or $35 per Family.

Notes The Flex Pass is good for the 2014 calendar year. It can be used for Summer Camps, School Break Camps, and Holiday Camps. The Flex Pass is per camper. They are not transferable or refundable and we do not prorate the Flex Pass.





The Flex Pass can be used at any location, but please Register for the location you will most likely attend camp at the most.




Flex Pass FAQ's
1. What is the Flex Pass
 The Flex Pass is a book of 6 days you can purchase to have the flexibility to come to any 6 days of our Super Terrific Fun or Sports Camp. You can customize your child's camp days to fit your schedule. It's the perfect break for kids (and parents) during the long summer months and during school breaks.

2. How does the Flex Pass work?
The flex pass gives you the flexibility to choose which days of camp you would like to come during any week. Your child would participate in the activities planned for that day. We ask that you give us at least 24 hour notice, if possible, of the day your child will be coming to camp.

3. What is the Advantage of the Flex Pass?
The advantage of the Flex Pass is the flexibility it gives you to choose which days of camp you would like to come to.  Instead of committing to a specific week of camp, you are purchasing a book of days to use at your leisure during the 2014 calendar year towards camps we offer.

4. Can I purchase more than 6 days?
 The Flex Pass is sold in books of 6 days. You can purchase a minimum of 1 book (6 days) to a maximum of 6 books (36 days) per child.
5. Can I use the Flex Pass for any Sports Connection Summer Camp?
 The flex pass can only be used for the Super Terrific Fun Camp or
Sports Camps at our Northlake, Granite, or Ballantyne facilities.
6. Can siblings share a Flex Pass book of days?
No.  Each child will need to have their own book of Flex Pass days.
7. Will my child receive a Summer Camp T-Shirt?
 The Flex Pass Camper will receive one camp shirt for each book of 6 days purchased.
8. Can I receive a refund for the days I do not use?
There are no refunds or transfers available for unused Flex-Pass Days.

9. Do I need to purchase a Player's Card / Annual Membership?
 All campers will need a valid Sports Connection Player's Card to attend camp.  If you previously purchased a Player's Card and are unsure whether or not it is still valid, please check your MySAM account or call us at 704-583-1444 to verify your child's Player Card expiration date.
Click Here For Additional Player Card FAQ's